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 Hotels and Resorts

Our drones are able to capture priceless aerial footage once only a helicopter could capture. Better yet, a drone is even able to capture footage that is otherwise impossible to record, even with a helicopter at a fraction of the cost compared to using manned aircrafts. So, how can you utilize intelligent drones to attract new guests and enhance your guest’s experience? The all-encompassing nature of aerial video shots utilizing drone aerial footage, makes drone marketing a great fit for hotels & resorts, top area attractions and even tour companies. With the capabilities of drones, you can capture the complete essence of your property, every intricate detail, including remote and secluded areas, really showing off what makes your hotel or resort property unique.

Yachts Other Boats and Marinas

Your yacht our boat is a valuable investment and you want to maximize its return. So whether you want a beautiful aerial video of your yacht for business or pleasure; we are here is here to help you. Show your friends and client views of your boat that they’ve never seen before or impress potential buyers into a purchase. We just don’t work with high end yacht customers, but also with other type of boat owners and marina administrators to help them market and advertise their property taking them to a higher level. Our aerial footage production is guaranteed to bring in more prospect clients and buyers.

Commercial Visual Inspections

From cell phone towers to construction sites, roofs and infrastructure, our unmanned systems can collect an unprecedented level of valuable data for your analysis. Our inspection services will provide you with the highest level of detail, mitigate risk, decrease costs and increase efficiency.

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